MB Aris Crime Kit

Four highly portable and powerful light sources

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NOVA Crime Kit

Eight lightweight and compact light sources

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Complete UV Portfolio

Fixed or portable 365nm for the lab or the field

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Our products

Aris Crime Kit

UVG5 2.0 Spotlight

NOVA Crime Kit

Aris SINGLE 590 (Amber)

Aris SINGLE 530 (Green)

Aris SINGLE 455 (Blue)

UVG2 2.0 Spotlight

BB Artemis

GX Orion

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Welcome to Labino

Warm greetings to you from the Labino team,

the global leader in high quality inspection lights and measurement instruments. Labino crime kits have been successfully used by many police CSI teams and forensic laboratories around the world. Difficult crimes have been solved using Labino lights and success thereof documented in several police reports and publications. Browsing through our website you will find products that are original and cannot be found elsewhere. Enjoy using our explosion proof UV lights, waterproof UV lights, wireless meters and more.

“Difficult crimes have been solved using Labino lights and documented in police reports and publications”

To read more about Labino go to labino.com

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